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Is the speed of your brain outrunning your broadband? Don’t get mad. Follow these top tips instead.

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  • 1. Protect your wireless network (WiFi) password

    If you’re unknowingly sharing it with other people, it could cause a drop in speed.

    2. Close any other open applications on your computer or device

    Some applications could be using the internet without you realising and causing speeds to slow.

    3. Click for software updates

    It’s annoying having to update and restart your device, but it could give your broadband speeds a boost. Try switching or updating your web browser and double-check for any viruses.

    4. Check your download limit

    Your provider could be intentionally slowing your broadband speed if you’ve exceeded your download limit or the provider’s fair usage policy. Find out what speeds you're receiving with this handy speed test.

    5. Resist turning your wireless router on and off frequently

    This might suggest to your provider that there is an unstable connection, causing it to reduce the speed for a more reliable connection.

    6. Fix your wireless router in the best place

    Walls and doors can cause interference, so high up at the centre of the house is the best spot.

    7. Make sure your wireless router is up-to-date

    If you have had the same wireless router for ages then you could be due for an upgrade. Get in touch with your provider to get a new one.

    8. Snap up an Ethernet cable

    You can bypass the wireless connection to your router and plug straight in with an Ethernet cable, which could boost your speed by up to 30%.

    Still fed up? If you are not in contract with your new provider, maybe it’s time to switch. Check out the best broadband deals here.

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