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Although the Seville property market has undergone significant growth in recent years, it is still at a competitive level.

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  • The Barrio de Santa Cruz is considered one of the best city centre areas to buy Seville property. The old Jewish quarter is a maze of winding streets and picturesque squares. Traffic-free streets are more popular as the congestion in the city centre is notorious. Los Remedios, to the south of the city, is one of the most popular residential areas.

    Outside of Seville, too, there are stunning coastal and countryside properties, both newly-built and re-sale. Properties outside the city is a popular buy, not just for overseas investors but the Spanish too. Seville property in the satellite towns around the city, for example in Aracena, where new developments are springing up to accommodate incoming residents, offer an alternative to city centre living but still give buyers the option of a short journey to the city.

    Buying property in Seville is buying an authentic taste of Spanish life - it is the archetypal Spanish city. There is easy access to Portugal, the up-and-coming Atlantic Costa de la Luz and there are direct flights to and from Britain.

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