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Whatever your budget, there is a home to suit most people in the European country. There is far more diversity in the market than just the Algarve.

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  • The price of Algarve property has forced some buyers to seek out new areas, and property developers have spotted an opportunity to cater to those who love the country but can't afford the premium.

    Lisbon, in common with other parts of the country, underwent infrastructure improvements prior to Euro 2004. The cost to buy Portugal property in the capital is still relatively low compared with some other European capitals, and the Lisbon Coast is considered an up-and-coming area for those looking to buy property in Portugal. Further north is the Silver Coast. Centred on the lagoon around the city of Obidos, a planned new airport to the south marks this region out as a new Portugal property hot spot.

    In the north, properties in Portugal are focused around the city of Porto and stretches north along the Costa Verde and inland into the Douro Valley. The city, unspoilt coastline and verdant interior are very different from the established resorts at the other end of the country. The Atlantic islands of Madeira and the Azores should not be overlooked either.

    Owning an Algarve property means having access to beautiful beaches, championship golf courses and some of the finest properties in Portugal. Buyers of property should expect to find lower prices inland and at the western and eastern ends of this coast.

    Portugal is one of the favourite property buying destinations for the British and with new areas opening up, the appeal is set to grow still further.

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