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You might expect to be shocked on walking into the TV star and interior designer’s home, but not for the reason he reveals...

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  • It’s a given that Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s 17th-century house in the Cotswolds is unlikely to be normal. But how about paranormal?

    “When we bought the house, everyone said: ‘Well, you know it’s very haunted, don’t you?” he explains. “I mean to the extent that everybody in the village was saying: ‘You haven't bought the haunted house, have you?’


    “The first couple of weeks we’d have a lot of people coming round to measure up for curtains and goodness knows what and they’d forever be running down the stairs having felt an unearthly presence. Cold spots, apparently, was a bit of an issue.”

    Undaunted, the couple decided to persevere and took some novel, if rather drastic measures to resolve the issue.

    “One of the worst places, we’ve now turned into my wife’s handbag store,” he continues. “I feel most of these 17th-century ghosts are now trapped in her Lulu Guinnesses.

    “But certainly I think a lot of our spectral visitors just got frightened away by my wallpaper choices too.”

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